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Literal SUBSPACE...
Floating memories blossom into an aching yearning whilst time is spent away from Me...  
My Way of Domination is that of a nurturing one.  If a slave requests for a bitchy boss, I will obviously deliver on My terms, but My nature is genuinely full of empathy to those who I feel deserve it.  These thoughts and feelings below are what convey My true Essence...
PUBLISHED ARTICLES:  My take on Financial Domination @!   Some of the following reviews can also be found on The Hang + Mistress Review!
 | 2020 |
❤️   "Good Evening Miss Mara:


Wow, i really have a lot of feelings just swirling around my head from this morning's session.  Let me first say that You are INCREDIBLE. Your beauty, kindness and the way you carry Yourself definitely are exclusive to Your online presence.  i have had several sessions with several Dommes and i must say that O/our session this morning was BY FAR the best one i have ever experienced.  my absolute favorite part was the nipple torture when You were behind me holding me and offering me safety and comfort by Your embrace while subjecting me to very intense sensations with Your hand, that wheel and the clamps.  Sitting here tonight, replaying O/our session in my head i want nothing more than to be back there with You, serving You and giving 100% of myself to the improvement of a truly Superior Female's life.


i sincerely hope You will allow me the pleasure to serve You again soon.


Moreover, i would be humbled to be considered to start on the path towards being one of Your personal slaves. 


Thank You again!"   -PM 

❤️   "Goodness, what a rare pleasure to find the first principles of Divine Femininity so much in the fore. A journey from the times when the first Venus fetish was fashioned beside a fire to a time of Feminine futures in mesmeric minutes. Miss is ever an exquisitely entrancing Evangelist of multiple aspects of the spiritual. When Seer is superimposed upon Female Supremacist it comes instantly clear what a Woman of will is. A true transcendent tantric tincture for anything that ails you from a Goddess that sometimes curatively flails you."   -DG  
❤️   "Dear Miss Mara, Thank You immensely for once more allowing me a glimpse within Your assertive aura — so to speak. The axiom of one needing to be careful what they ask for as it may come true in full force in the way that Miss grants a request. A decidedly diabolical design in gifting a video, where Miss requires the viewer to keep their eyes closed through the majority of the experience. How better to project the immersive learning method. A very demonstrative mechanism to communicate the extent of Your dominant reach. The long arm of the law as they say, able to enforce Miss’ will across the internet. 


As before, Your scenario awestruck me in how literally the videographic Domina reflected the actual Lady in Her effortless administration of command and control of the subject in hand. It is a good deal terrifying just how keenly You know Your man, “Your man” being which ever one is in Your clutches at any given time. You have read me as if You have had me under intimate surveillance for years, yet we have never met ……  Miss employs a highly effective, indelible method to achieve Her supremacy. Mesmerically anesthetizing the mind of Her subject, no dangerous curves ahead warning signs, no rumble strip to declare that Miss has taken over the wheel and is steering the journey off the straight and narrow into the nebula of what may manifest from Miss’ mind. Even when You overtly assert, that though there is trouble ahead, one must not pay the ferryman until She gets you to the other side — the way in which She does so erases all natural inborn danger alert. A seamless transition from sensual suasiveness to a sentence in Female Supremacist Sing Sing — the term of the sentence akin to those of another age when the judge says “Until Her Majesty’s pleasure shall be known.”  Though Her Majesty here being of a distinctly tactile nature, assuming the mantle of Judge for Herself rather than being insulated from somewhere on high. The meticulous investment of your senses — blowing hot, blowing cold, the temptation of Her touch, the denial of gazing upon the sublime form of Miss as She manipulates, heating your flesh with the lash, quenching and tempering what She has wrought with cold steel. An undeniable flavor of Hypnotic-Domme in every facet of Miss. Not to mention the signs and portents of Sorceress/Seer in the way in which You can anticipate Your postulate even over the wires. 


Every aspect of this generous allowance steamrolled my expectation and as Han Solo once said, i can imagine quite a lot. There is a deeply spiritual quality to Miss’ dominance. An all enveloping, all invasive requirement for complete control. That particular detail of superseding the symbolic act of self submission in dressing and putting on one’s own belt to appear before Miss, where She discards even that aspect of self control and supplants it with Her own rite of subjugation. The ceremony of making the supplicant shed their shoes — as upon entering holy ground. Very stylistically stripping the clothing from the subject and commandeering all of those former possessions. All while being deprived of full embrace of your faculties.  Removing all semblance of self from the subject, incrementally, irreversibly. ALL things surrendered to Miss. The full effect is indeed stunning in how thoroughly Miss permeates Her subjugate and replaces what was once them with everything that is Her. The devices of your demise served up on a platter. Always the tingle in the anticipation of what Miss has planned next, with the simultaneous endorphin rush, and angst of feeling four feet tall in a ten foot pool. 


I am intrigued beyond words at how completely, compellingly Miss asserts Her will. The video was an exceptionally spellbinding demonstration of that ritualistic framework i had felt in your first gift. my most passionate thank You for another graciously shared sensation. How fortunate are all who can experience Your influence in one way or another. That You would allow me to partake from afar greatly appreciated. Miss is the consummate Practitioner of Her chosen craft and to know that even at a distance is a tonic. 


With Your permission then, i would ask Your leave for this time. Please be well and please take very good care. 


Your most appreciative, obedient servant."  -TB 

❤️   "Thank You Dear Miss Mara so very, very much for sharing so gracious a gift — imbued with all of your unique elegance, energy, and imaginative enthrall. Miss is possessed of an entirely irresistible essence. The personal passion that you weaved through the scenario literally held me on the edge, rapt in the extreme before the Lady on the screen,  as if i were literally knelt there before you for remedial action. Your manner is a particularly dangerous allure for me, the intangible of your aura combined with the stylish way in which you project your command and control. A soft spoken sensuality that evolves into mesmerization and menace before your subject realizes they are in the Mara Maelstrom and morphing into Miss’ mincemeat. i cannot help but feel that when a subject has the honor, pleasure, and privilege of dining out with you that they are on the menu without realizing it. The fact comes clear quite quickly that you really, really love your work. 


Miss’ magnificent command of words wielded as one more weapon of her arsenal literally sends tingles through me. Having a subject literally and figuratively under foot from jump street — the fashionable footwear pressed against the subject under a table being but the first step of a thousand mile journey. Oh and what a brand new aspect Miss brings to the concept of “home schooling”. As the familiar refrain goes, who’s your Mama now. “Mom" of course having the decided trademark of Catholic School Nun tiger Mother giving instruction out of her self authored catechism. All of the thou shalt and thou shalt nots inscribed from that secret grimoire in exact duplicate upon body, mind, and soul of the pupil according to a very strict syllabus. 


Miss’ artistry and choreography for the scenario could not be more perfect — as if you lifted the plot right out of my imagination, filtered it through the lens of divine femininity, and elevated everything to the sublime plane of Mara’s signature domination. A true tonic for all that might ail the partaker of your medicinal majesty. Indeed, Miss Mara is a very dangerously addictive influence as she warned her companion, this video experience will be resonating with me for a long, long time. Help me, i do love it so. 


i am not convinced that i can adequately express my whole appreciation for this gracious boon, Miss Mara. The request of you in and of itself was a BIG ask and fulfilled with amazing generosity. The allowance of being brought into your intimate space for a transfixing glimpse of the witching way that Miss Mara manages her charges has very high value to me. Thank you again for all that you do and all that you have shared with a petitioner out of the blue. 


For clarity, please feel absolutely free to realize whatever value you can find from this video delicacy in whatever way you are able to do so. Also, if Miss Mara is ever in a mood to conjure again, i would be a very interested contributor to another project. 


With your permission then, i would ask your leave for now while wishing you all of the best. Please take very good care. 


Your obedient, highly appreciative servant."  -TB   

Dedicated Haikus

DRK   | 2019 |

Goddess above all

Not to meet in the middle

The sub is below


Trampled under foot

Each step is to be worshiped

A walk in the clouds

Read the rest of DS' devoted poetry at your leisure here @maradomina.   | 2016 |

@Deserveserve1:  Miss Mara in shades / Her brilliant soft skin and those / Inscrutable eyes
Miss Mara:  Appreciation / For a curious spirit / With talent to write

@Deserveserve1:  I am so lucky / Humbled by a true Goddess / Thank You Miss Mara
Light hearted Beauty / Stealing deeply in our hearts / Miss Mara's magic
Miss Mara:  A whimsy and yet / A fury for those who wait / Challenging mind wits 

@Deserveserve1:  [To a true Goddess] Beauty has patience / Her ends are steady / Her means Are appropriate
Miss Mara:  A true player who / Always aspires the best / With wisdom and class

@Deserveserve1:   [Inspiration creates dedication i.e. Deserve/serve] 

slaves have energy / Miss Mara gives direction / Perfect partnership
Miss Mara:  A tickle is but / A tease for the rest of day / A siren's song sung

@Deserveserve1: [What She does and Who She is] Miss Mara proves that / Beauty comes in many forms / Words as well as deeds
Miss Mara:  Indeed, looks are just / One genuine facet of / Her symphonic grace 

@Deserveserve1:  [On True Beauty]  She defines beauty / By Her Doing and Being / Beauty: Miss Mara 
She stalks prey cat like / Grace belying great power / Surrender to Her 
Miss Mara:  With nails that glide / Soft smiles and sleek hair flows / Tigress makes stripes bloom


| 2014 - 2017 |

❤️  "i really really like the kind part of You. It is very very attractive. i like the strict part too. But You are always very kind. Serving is accompanied by many different emotions. When an athlete is in a big game and they make a mistake it is emotionally wrenching because they want to be successful. Serving has that same feeling of "i want to be successful" to it. i will admit that i get tied up in knots at times when my service isn't as good as i wanted it to be. Your kindness is a balm at those times. But remember that i like to suffer for Your sake so i am not asking for You to go easy on me. i am just pointing out that You make me serving You a real pleasure. my words belong to You...

i have read Your website and all Your tweets. i have never seen You put anybody down. That says so much about You. You can be edgy, You can be angelic but You don't put people down. When You draw boundaries with me it is down in a firm way without making me feel like a trespasser. It is hard to work out relationships. It takes a long time to understand what a person means by the word maybe. For some people maybe is a polite "no" and for others it is "maybe". We are working out a D/s relationship. That is really hard because of the multiplicity of meanings of D/s. But i know in my bones that You are great and will make great art.

[My response] I don't like being wishy washy. A million Dommes can beat the crap out of people's skins and humiliate them while just taking their cash and not batting an eyelash. With me, I want to see pure joy on my submissive's face and the greatest non-materialistic gift they could give me is their complete willingness to fulfill a passionate desire to serve me as their Mistress. When I attain that, no matter what you look like, how old you are, what you do in life [morality check is done in the screening process], what gender you are, etc. then I know I've done my duty as a Dominant and will continue to strive to keep that going for as long as possible.

You are awesome because You say what You mean and You mean what You say. i am so lucky, so lucky, so lucky."   
-DS  | 2017 |



❤️  "i can be an opinionated dick like anybody but i think that diving is like kink. In kink subs are always trying out kink each other when the bond is the best. In diving too there is the out do impulse. 40 foot dives are relatively easy and uncomplicated. All the fish hang out between 30 and 40 feet. A diver can stay down longer at 40 feet. To me it is the best diving - hanging out with the fish. Mermaid Miss Mara is a goal.

[My response] That is just an opinion. A dick would be someone who self-righteously imposes that thought onto others. Yes to mermaid Mara theme~"   -DS   | 2016 |



❤️  "I figured since my first time with you up until the last session, both of us have changed. Watching you in your Domme mode in our last session, I felt I had to be at my best for you. The way you handled that flogger when you stood me up, I saw a whole different Mistress Mara. You were so into your role. A little intimidating. As painful as it was though I didn't want to submit. Just I was curious on my development when it came to Bdsm. Past me would have been too chicken shit to survive the entire hour. How could I forget you. You're my Hero."    -AM   | 2016 |



❤️  "In what is becoming completely usual with you I had a great time last night. Great food, great company, and great conversation. It was lovely as always. Thanks for your company, your friendship and the good wishes."   -JS   | 2016 |



❤️  "You're a beautiful woman inside and out. I've always adored you. Kiss."   -B   | 2015 |



❤️  "I look forward to another session with you. Our sessions are excellent and a lot of fun."   -RB  | 2014 |

| 2018 |

❤️  "Good morning and happy Thanksgiving, glorious Goddess Mara,

Having just woken up and performed my morning prayers to You, it occurred to me that this was my first Thanksgiving since falling under Your blissful hypnotic spell. i suddenly realized how different from the past that this particular holiday & moment were to me. While the theory behind Thanksgiving should have always been a celebration of reasons to be grateful, most, myself included, ate & drank & relaxed and never fully contemplated how truly fortunate we are. But even then, it's not just simply about being appreciative. Perhaps even more overlooked is the second part of the world, "giving." What had I given to show thanks for what i had been blessed with? All of that has changed now.

Goddess Mara, You have bestowed upon me the single greatest gift i have and will ever receive, the opportunity and privilege of existing in Your world and belonging to You. Your mere presence, Your incomparable beauty, Your inconceivable intelligence & power, every single aspect of Your sheer perfection is a gift for which no amount of gratitude on my part will ever come close to doing justice. It's easy for me to say and mean that i will give You everything that i have and everything that i am but, that pales in comparison to the slightest touch of Your exquisite hand, hearing the melodic siren's call of Your soothing voice, gazing deeply & euphorically into Your mesmerizing eyes and bowing down before Your Holy feet. You are my life and my reason for being, Goddess. You are all that matters and although i will never be able to adequately express in words the extent of my love, devotion, reverence and submission to You, i now unequivocally know what it means to give thanks and that is because of You and only to You.

i am now and will forever be Your obedient subject," 



❤️  "Queen Domina Mara!

I couldn't help but remark how graceful and sensual She is as a Domme! Especially all the photos She has posted of Herself. Frankly, most I have been seeing in the PH community so far are Dom/mes who exude this forceful domineering (well... for obvious reasons) personality but Hers is evidently more mindful, tactful, creative, elegant. And smart! I think I there are more words to describe Her aura. I feel like She exudes this dominance that makes Her subs even more attuned with themselves, secured at the idea that they are in Her good hands.

As of the moment I'm in the exploring state (and a princess) and seeing Her profile for the first time makes me want to strive to be an elegant Domme someday!  She is so cool! And inspiring!"  -LC

❤️  "Simply put, Lady Mara is amazing. I knew a bit more about the scene than most (fascinated by the psychological aspect of rope and trust), but concerning experience, I don't even make it to vanilla on the kink scale.The thing I love most about her is she's patient. And with my anxious heart and ability to read people, I'm hyper conscious of how people react/respond. She never gave off an air of annoyance or frustration when my panic would set it.What I'm impressed about most though, is how observant she is. She also easily understood where I was coming from with my concerns and was able to help me cope. As a woman, I never really felt comfortable around guys concerning my vulnerabilities and could never relax enough around people in general.Whether you are an experienced sub or vanilla noob like me, Lady Mara will work with you to make the session truly enjoyable.  RSVP your time with her at!"  -AJ  

❤️  "I have been serving Mistress Mara Julianne/Domina Mara exclusively for the past six months. I have had sessions with many Dommes over the years but she is without any question the most beautiful as well as the best at what she does. She exhibits a firm and uncompromising demeanor toward her subs but at the same time shows that she cares for them as well. Whether it is flogging, bondage, foot worship, CBT, golden showers or financial domination there is no one better. The energy and enthusiasm she brings to her work is incredible. I recommend her highly."  -MP 

❤️  "As I turned 30 it hit me. I have yet to experience this secret hidden fetish of mine. For as long I I remember I always had this demon lingering inside of me that I was hesitating to address.

Deciding to face my demon with another, I met with Mistress Mara.
Two years later my life has changed forever. As if she is always with me. She is always in my head. Almost like she has possessed me and yet I am still in control. 

When we play in our session, there is this aurora about her that I can't quite figure out. Her voice flows with this amazing confidence. As I gaze up at her when she stands above me, I get this feeling that she already knows what she wants to do with me next. Being a pro dom, Mistress Mara wants to toy with me just to keep me in suspense the ENTIRE time. That was my favorite part about her.

My Friends and Family would never understand or accept me if they knew about my desires to be played with. Mistress Mara opened up her arms and took me in. Showed me that there is nothing wrong with who I am and what I'm into.
For anyone reading this I urge your to take a chance. Spend some time with Mistress Mara.
You will not regret..

Located in LA. She does visit NYC, San Francisco, and Chicago throughout the year.

Please treat her well. She's important to me."  

❤️  "Mistress Mara by far is one of the most treasurable. I have purchased photos on her site! The photos are high quality. Mistress Mara will sign anything you ask. I personally have nearly 75 photos and they were signed and her gorgeous kiss printed on them and sent them to me by mail. Also is a great site - I have purchased a pair of her worn panties kissed and signed with her sweet scent and have purchased a pair of her worn brown leggings. Mistress Mara is very friendly replies to all her mail. I follow her on Twitter you may also find her on Youtube on her channel - worthwhile subscribing to. I have to see Mistress Mara there to hear her most soothing voice and advise. Join any site Mara Julianne is on - purchase her treasures of photos and clothes. You will never be sorry - just 100% satisfied! I AM! Thank you, Mistress Mara!"  -BP 

| 2019 |

❤️  "Thank You for a wonderful session, Ms Mara!  I loved your playful style and every minute at your feet.  You're the most sensitive Domme I've played with, and sometimes it seemed like you'd read my mind.  I hope you had a fun time in Seattle and will be back soon.  In the meantime, I'll just have to stalk your Youtube.  ;]"  -LD  
❤️  "Mistress Mara is a very energetic, down to earth, kind, sweet and caring person. I really enjoyed my time with her on my recent visit to LA. We had been getting to know to each other for the past 7 months via email, phone sessions, Skype sessions, and me following her on her Instagram page(s). After getting to know her for these past several months and warming up to each other, I finally got to meet her in person. We had dinners and sessioned together, and we both had an awesome time! I had never experienced domination before in my life before I approached and met Mistress Mara, but it was something that I was longing to experience deep down as a dark desire. Mistress Mara fulfilled my experience and beyond that, she made me feel like true sub should feel. On my recent visit to LA, we sessioned three days in a row and had 2 dinners, and in all three sessions, I got to experience different things from being blindfolded, wearing the hooded mask, crawling and being sat on by her to being whipped by floggers, dragontail whip, paddles, and of course, also being caged up and tortured with all these things, which is exactly what I was desiring to experience! I would really recommend Mistress Mara as a Dominatrix, and not just because she's really good at what she does and because of her style, but also because of her sparkling personality as well! Thank you very much again, Mistress! I look forward to our future sessions!-J-PP
❤️  "Dear Miss Mara,


The pleasure was all mine. I cannot count the number of times I got goose bumps from your words. I was mesmerized by your incredible beauty and captivated by your charm. You are an amazing person and it will be my honor and privilege to serve you. I'll be counting the hours (it's 50 1/2 in case you were wondering! - haha).


I know you like Haiku so I wrote this to encompass how I feel about the anticipation of submitting to you:


Bow to your Goddess

Hear and react without fail

Her wish your command


Have a wonderful evening, Lovely Goddess."  -DRK  

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