Fortune  |  MAR 2019 
Green is considered lucky in many cultures--it is also the color of wealth and growth.  Originally captured for St. Patrick's Day, I've expanded the symbolism to a broader overview as I personify a Goddess of overall Fortune.  Self-Portraits by Yours Truly.
Dungeon  Valentine  |  FEB 2019 
What is more romantic than booking a private space for you plus a loved one where the outside world is forgotten...and all that remains is raw, unbridled passion?  Photography by AV + Yours Truly at Dungeon East.
Export Rendezvous  |  JAN 2019 
I was fortunate to collaborate with @Arty_Snaps over a year ago.  We winged the shoots with the outfits and implements I brought.  The environment we found gave us the inspiration we needed to produce an amazing mood... 

Imagine a roleplay scene where I am exporting you to another country as a test to train with Me properly.  No food, no clothes, no money--just a bottle of water and your will to survive.  It's a one-way ticket and you'll have to use your determination to find your way back to Me...

29Rooms 2018  |  NEW YEAR'S 2019 
Last minute, I ended up being a part of a VIP Artist Experience with the return of 29Rooms in Los Angeles.  Consider this a bonus photo set for a great year - this comes to show you that I can Dominate in my all-white chic athleisure...!  Photography by AV + Yours Truly.
Spring Nymphs  |  SPRING EQUINOX 2019 
If I was the Queen of Springtime, I would have a fairy-tale like home with two hand-maidens on either side to help Me with the preparation of the Season as well as find time to play with them both.  Photography by AV and Yours Truly.  Model @zoeyobeys.
Puppy + Poppy  | APR 2019 
I was given a K9 mask, collar, and leash by Stockroom Design to create a kinky concept and came up with a weekend playing with My pup in the poppy fields during the Superbloom.  Photography by AV; concept, styling, + editing by Yours Truly.  Model @fetishfellow + AV.  *NO FLOWERS WERE HARMED*
Wine Train  | MAY 2019 
I've always heard talk about how relaxing a wine train could be with good company and delicious drink flowing as one is driven on a track.  Here, I take a submissive girl with Me to make sure My glasses are never empty.  Photography by Yours Truly.  Model @apricotpitts.
Juno's Resort  | JUN 2019 
'Juno' has an Indo-European origin which may mean "youth."  In Roman mythology, Juno was Jupiter's wife, Queen of the Heavens, Goddess of finance, and protectress of marriage + women.  This photo set is for the month of June in which the name is dedicated to Juno.  The title Resort has a dual meaning for vacation during the start of Summer, and recourse via punishment.  Photography by Yours Truly.
Manila is and always has been a second home to Me.  In this quaint manor, I'm free to pace the gardens, dip in the pool, and command as I please.  I'll be meeting My Filipina sisters officially in 2020.  Photography by AV + Yours Truly.
A true glance at the style of the Filipina Lady.  Here, your Mistress is dressed in a traditional Maria Clara blouse, a style inspired by the Spanish after they colonized the Philippines.  I paired it with a hi-lo lace skirt alluding to an Iberian fan and a leather rope belt to coil around My waist.  The finish touch includes a pure rattan cane which implies the strictness of a Disciplinarian.  Photography by AV + Yours Truly.
Pink Room  | SEPT 2019 
Pink is sensual, feminine, and fun.  The frills in the space suggest a light touch while the diamond pattern on the wooden floor gives an edgier feel.  Everything is tied together with the dynamic of the Lady + Her pet.  Photography by AV + Yours Truly.
Ghost Town  | OCT 2019 
When people die, do their spirits still linger?  Do you believe a place is really gone if there are no living inhabitants?  Chilling thoughts come to play as this Mistress dances with the demons of the dead...  Photography by AV + Yours Truly.
Scarlet Kitten  | NOV 2019 
Red silk, black lace, and gold embellishments.  We are transported to a Neo-Victorian theme featuring cuffs and a spreader bar by Scarlet Kitten.  What a fitting name for a steamy scene featuring sub-girl K in service to Her Lady.  Photography by AV + Yours Truly.
Winter Wallpaper  | DEC 2019 
The trees have shed, the birds have flown South, the crisp air promises first snow.  The wallpaper suggests all these things while your Lady stays indoors and keeps both of you warm during the shorter Winter days...  Self-portraits by Yours Truly.