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Fortune  |  MAR 2019 
Green is considered lucky in many cultures--it is also the color of wealth and growth.  Originally captured for St. Patrick's Day, I've expanded the symbolism to a broader overview as I personify a Goddess of overall Fortune.  Self-Portraits by Yours Truly.
Dungeon  Valentine  |  FEB 2019 
What is more romantic than booking a private space for you plus a loved one where the outside world is forgotten...and all that remains is raw, unbridled passion?  Photography by AV + Yours Truly at Dungeon East.
Export Rendezvous  |  JAN 2019 
I was fortunate to collaborate with @Arty_Snaps over a year ago.  We winged the shoots with the outfits and implements I brought.  The environment we found gave us the inspiration we needed to produce an amazing mood... 

Imagine a roleplay scene where I am exporting you to another country as a test to train with Me properly.  No food, no clothes, no money--just a bottle of water and your will to survive.  It's a one-way ticket and you'll have to use your determination to find your way back to Me...