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Designed for Distance

Wish you were with me at all times...?
This is for all potential submissives and slaves who would like to serve Me as their Mistress from the comfort of their little corners of the world.  I understand that not being in the same location as Me or having specific social / marital situations can prevent one from acting as their true selves.  Do not fret!  I am here to be present in your life...for the following Tributes:

*Payment is required in full upfront for the Training Section.  A 50% deposit is due for all other activities.
♦️ Text Training:  $1 per minute chit-chat; $2.5 per minute for Domination; $50 per 20 minutes.

♦️ Phone Training:  $4 per minute:  $63 per 15 minutes; $125 per 30 minutes; $190 per 45 minutes; $250 per 1 hr.  *Anything longer than 1 hour may require a break depending on My schedule.

♦️  Virtual Training:  My face time is limited, but not impossible to schedule - $6.66 per minute:  $100 per 15 minutes; $200 per 30 minutes; $300 per 45 minutes; $400 per 1 hr.  *Anything longer than 1 hour may require a break depending on My schedule. 

 Financial Training:  your money is MINE.  I will take what is MINE.  Submit scheduled weekly allowances via Etsy, Amazon, Adobe CC, or hard mail.  I will reward you with teasing, insults, and/or JOI depending on My mood at the time.  Tribute extra on Fridays for bonus points on My slave list~  Read more about it here.
Near, though far... 
♦️ Cafe Consultant:  If you are not necessarily looking to play in person, but would still like to meet with me to discuss BDSM topics or learn about how to better your submission in your own life, this meeting is for you.  $300 per hour.

♦️ Couple Coaching:  Depending on how intensive you would like to learn how to cultivate a D/s relationship, these rates differ from the basic hourly rate with the intention of progressing from simple play and dynamic with Me as the Dominant, to just the two of you with Me as a safe guide.  Basic Impact and Sensual Play begins at $500 hour; Edgy Specializations including Rope, Breath, and Fire Play begins at $600/hr.

♦️ Double Domination:  If I am the one suggesting who I would like to bring to the table, combined hourly rates may fluctuate from $700-1000+ depending on the agreed donation with other Dominant.  If you would like me to co-top with someone you already know, I am happy to cameo depending on the desired fetishes at a base rate of $350 per hour.

 DOMINA  DATE:  The donation will vary dependent on the function and any date longer than 3-4 hours will require a meal break.  The following vanilla activities may also be included with play found in the next section. 
❤️   Dining or Single Event Only:  $200 per hour + meal and drinks.
❤️   Shopping:  $200 per hour + all the goodies I select.
❤️   Corporate Functions:  $300 per hour + dining.
❤️  High Level Engagements:  $400 per hour + may include attire + an option to include role-play acting with an agreed specific background story on My part to enhance your profile appearances.
♦️ The Classic:  Approximately 2 hours of dining followed by 2 hours of play.  $1500.

♦️ The Honor:  Activities ranging from music, dancing, and/or city adventure, to tasting, followed by play.  6 hours at $2200.

♦️ The Sunset:  Time together may begin in the morning or in the evening and is completely flexible in how W/we approach the day.  10 hours at $3500.

♦️ The Overnight:  Fancy a date that goes all the way through the night and into the morning?  15 hours at $4500.

♦️ The Unabridged:  An entire day of dedicated companionship as well as intimacy.  24 - 25 hours at $6500.

♦️ The Exclusive Inquire via email for special requests over 24 hrs.
All Inclusive...
Available for Live Performances
I absolutely love being Live on stage!  I'm available for Fetish Performances for public events and private parties specializing in impact play, rope bondage with flowers, pet play, fire play, character play, and incorporating dance.  Happy to play with volunteers or submissives already affiliated with your company and can use the audience for impromptu scenes with their consent.  Of course, I can bring My own models should you want to book U/us as a Collective.  Should you want to include professional photography of My scene, the event, and/or videography to capture the night for your personal use, W/we can certainly add that to the list as well! 

Email for serious inquiries. 
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