Lace + Leather  | JAN  2020 
Bringing elegance into an abandoned warehouse is like watering a wilting plant.  Luxurious materials contrast a stark environment that is perfect for play.  Clothing is not necessary for one in a submissive position here...  Collaboration with @Arty_Snaps [IG], edits by Yours Truly.
Sissy in Pink  | FEB  2020 
Sissy in Pink:  This is a dual post for all the fetish sessions I've done with cis-males who request to be Transformed into a female version of themselves.  The first three images are photos from post-filming TRANSFORM with Zoë Okami who identifies as Trans.  My more magenta photos are taken by remote control with AV as a Sissy in Pink.  Self Portraits by Yours Truly.
Attic  Rope  | MAR  2020 
The season of Spring is upon us in the second half of March - flowers bloom, as do rope marks on flesh.  Mistress is clad in a silk robe decorated with roses and vines.  She will bind Her plaything with the firmest ties and allow his soul to truly submit to Her.  Self-portraits with AV by Yours Truly.
For Easter 2020, I have completed My second bunny set with sub lilo who I met in DC.  I've chosen an intimate moment dressed in lace beginning in the living areas fully dressed and shedding the gown layer as W/we progress to the bedroom...  Photos by BDemirkan; Concept + Editing by Yours Truly.
May  Decay  | MAY  2020 
In the time of My self-nurture, I have saved these flowers from being thrown away early by creating Art with them.  Every day that passes, We decay just ever so slightly - some more days than others.  The month of May focuses on the beauty of the Feminine Divine:  Motherhood, Mother Nature, and the Mommy in Me as a Dominant.  Photos by AV; Concept + Editing by Yours Truly.
Sweet Treats  | JUN  2020 
For Pride, I am releasing this rainbow concoction of fantastical colors in sweet themed rooms as well as complimenting outfits.  I did a photoshoot at the Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco in 2019 featuring My babygirl O.  Photos by AV;  Concept + Editing by Yours Truly.
Men's  Room  | JUL  2020 
This abandoned area used to be a Men's restroom.  Watch Miss Mara tease the space with Her Feminine Dominance as She graces the stalls with Her Golden Goddess Presence.  Photos by Arty Snaps;  Concept + Editing by Yours Truly.
Captain's Cabin  | AUG  2020 
In 2019, I was blessed to have sailed with Silversea Cruises and toured 5 different Grecian Islands.  What kind of luxury line would it be with Me as Captain?  Fantasize about being part of My crew as I take you aboard onto My ship and into My personal cabin.  Photos by AV + Me; Concept + Editing by Yours Truly.
Scorpion Sting  | SEPT  2020 
Ancient Egyptians revered the Scorpion Spirit as a potent guardian for souls moving from one world to the next.  Priests used images of Scorpions on ritual mummification tools to safeguard the precious transforming spirit within.  From a shamanic vantage point, Scorpion as a spirit guide created a change in consciousness, the sting acting like a psychedelic mind altering drug that, when used, takes the shaman to the dream time or other spirit realms.  In nature the Scorpion is a good mother with the great ability to protect itself and weak young ones, making Scorpion’s meaning one of self-preservation.  Note that Scorpions do not sting without reason:  They only attack when they feel themselves in danger, and when they do, their sting is painful and poisonous.  Read more here.  Photos by AV; Concept + Editing by Yours Truly.
Sugar Skull  | OCT  2020 
It's finally spooky season~  What better way to celebrate as a sparkling skeleton inspired by sugar skulls!  This photo set is actually from October of 2017, but I never got around to editing it until now.  I'm glad I'm constantly improving as I don't think I would've been able to make these so stunning!  Photos by AV; Editing + Concept by Yours Truly.
Leather Mistress  | NOV  2020 
Since I have a lot of leather lovers, I decided to take some photos all clad in black.  It can be quite chilly in San Francisco, especially at nighttime, so what better way to have authority over the weather with a matching whip.  Photos by OtaKinbaku; Editing + Concept by Yours Truly.