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Lace + Leather  | JAN  2020 

Bringing elegance into an abandoned warehouse is like watering a wilting plant.  Luxurious materials contrast a stark environment that is perfect for play.  Clothing is not necessary for one in a submissive position here...  Collaboration with @Arty_Snaps, edits by Yours Truly.
Sissy in Pink  | FEB  2020 
Sissy in Pink:  This is a dual post for all the fetish sessions I've done with cis-males who request to be Transformed into a female version of themselves.  The first three images are photos from post-filming TRANSFORM with Zoë Okami who identifies as Trans.  My more magenta photos are taken by remote control with AV as a Sissy in Pink.  Self Portraits by Yours Truly.
Attic  Rope  | MAR  2020 
The season of Spring is upon us in the second half of March - flowers bloom, as do rope marks on flesh.  Mistress is clad in a silk robe decorated with roses and vines.  She will bind Her plaything with the firmest ties and allow his soul to truly submit to Her.  Self-portraits with AV by Yours Truly.
For Easter 2020, I have completed My second bunny set with sub lilo who I met in DC.  I've chosen an intimate moment dressed in lace beginning in the living areas fully dressed and shedding the gown layer as W/we progress to the bedroom...  Photos by BDemirkan; Concept + Editing by Yours Truly.
May  Decay  | MAY  2020 
In the time of My self-nurture, I have saved these flowers from being thrown away early by creating Art with them.  Every day that passes, We decay just ever so slightly - some more days than others.  The month of May focuses on the beauty of the Feminine Divine:  Motherhood, Mother Nature, and the Mommy in Me as a Dominant.  Photos by AV; Concept + Editing by Yours Truly.