PANTIES:  1-day wear is the bare minimum and has a starting price of $100.  Additional days [3 max.] are $50 each day.  Self-love, ruby, or skid marks are an additional $25 each per day.  Weekly panty sets can be added to My Wishlist to purchase and deliver to Me for your customized fetish wear.  All panties ship free worldwide~
BROWN:  This is the most extreme My tastes go with providing bodily worship.  A custom amount is possible if inquired via email.  An option to soak My Minerals in a liquor of your choice is available upon request and will cost an additional price of the bottle.
SHOES:  Used heels from sessions and life events to gym sneakers differ in price per brand.  Shipping may be charged by weight at checkout.
STOCKINGS:  Pantyhose, thigh-hi's, and garter belts galore.  Prices vary dependent on quantity of items per set.
LINGERIE:  Other lacy sets and dress-up outfits that need to purge from My closet are priced per listing.  Any sets with panties may be customized to the criteria above.
ATHLETIC:  Worn gym socks that turned grey and have holes in them have the worst stench.  These are priced at $50 per pair.  Sweat-soaked and stretched out sports bras are $80.  Unwashed leggings and yoga pants are priced at $100.  Used camisoles are $65.
TOYS:  Naughty bits I used on myself over the months are priced per type of item.  Climaxing one last hurrah on the toy without washing is an additional $50.  Shipping may be charged by weight at checkout.
VANILLA:  Clothing I wear when I'm not playing that no longer have purpose on My body.  Priced specifically by item.  Shipping may be charged by weight at checkout.
SALIVA:  A small vial is $25 each.  Your personal container may be delivered to Me and priced for the quantity of that custom order.
HAIR:  Fallen follicles that recently collected on the floor and shower from My head are $12.   
DUST:  I walk around barefoot at home.  Enough said.  $10.   
EYES:  My monthly colored contacts come in green or grey and come in their used case.  $35 per pair.  A minimum of 2-4 weeks is needed to prepare your order for shipping depending on My disposable cycle.
GOLD:  A custom order of bladder amount of liquid may be requested.  Email to inquire.  A personal container may be delivered to Me and priced for the quantity of that custom order.
RUBY:  Tampons or menstrual pads may be requested for $55 and $75 each respectively.  Orders may take up to another month depending on My cycle.