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Worn panties, used garments, soiled stockings, abused shoes, old toys, and "body" products customized to your liking.  Email your request to with a written description of the listed item as well as any additional customization you desire.  I will send you a link with images of current options and an instructional invoice as a reply with your complete order.  Keep up-to-date with new possessions for sale on this page, My Instagram Story, and on My Twitter.
All items in this section have been worn to what I deem their fullest lifespan.  Items are listed as specifically as possible and will be taken down once sold to avoid confusion.  Utilize those naming conventions for the item and if you are not sure about anything, simply send Me an email.  Be sure to provide a current mailing address during payment.  All flat items ship free domestically unless otherwise specified.
PANTIES:  1-day wear is the bare minimum and has a starting price of $100.  Additional days [3 max.] are $50 each day.  Self-love, ruby, or skid marks are an additional $25 each per day.  Weekly panty sets can be added to My Wishlist to purchase and deliver to Me for your customized fetish wear.  All panties ship free worldwide~
BROWN:  This is the most extreme My tastes go with providing bodily worship.  A custom amount is possible if inquired via email.  An option to soak My Minerals in a liquor of your choice is available upon request and will cost an additional price of the bottle.
SHOES:  Used heels from sessions and life events to gym sneakers differ in price per brand and begin at $75.  Shipping may be charged by weight at checkout.
STOCKINGS:  Pantyhose, thigh-hi's, and garter belts galore.  Prices begin at $100 and vary dependent on quantity of items per set.  Shipping included.
LINGERIE:  Other lacy sets and dress-up outfits that need to purge from My closet are priced per listing.  Any sets with panties may be customized to the criteria above.
ATHLETIC:  Worn gym socks that turned grey and have holes in them have the worst stench.  These are priced at $50 per pair.  Sweat-soaked and stretched out sports bras are $80.  Unwashed leggings and yoga pants are priced at $100.  Used camisoles are $65.
TOYS:  Naughty bits I used on Myself over the months are priced per type of item.  Climaxing one last hurrah on the toy without washing is an additional $50.  Shipping may be charged by weight at checkout.
A different sort of BODY Worship...
This section is very case-by-case sensitive.  I absolutely do not work with blood or bile, and approved fluids may be arranged to be picked up in-person.  Products are collected for your pleasure fresh daily to weekly and a monthly basis.   
VANILLA:  Clothing I wear when I'm not playing that no longer have purpose on My body.  Priced specifically by item.  Shipping may be charged by weight at checkout.
SALIVA:  A small vial is $25 each.  Your personal container may be delivered to Me and priced for the quantity of that custom order.
HAIR:  Fallen follicles that recently collected on the floor and shower from My head are $25.   
NAILS:  On a typical day, I have au naturel naked nails.  If you would like them painted a certain color, sent a salon gift card to and I will schedule a manicure and/or pedicure.  Donate within a week of the nail appointment and I will clip My nails, then send the chips to you via mail.  All clippings are $25.  A minimum of 2 weeks is needed to prepare your order for shipping.
EYES:  My monthly colored contacts come in green or grey and come in their used case.  $35 per pair.  A minimum of 2-4 weeks is needed to prepare your order for shipping depending on My disposable cycle.
GOLD:  A custom order of bladder amount of liquid may be requested.  Email to inquire.  A personal container may be delivered to Me and priced for the quantity of that custom order.
RUBY:  Tampons or menstrual pads may be requested for $55 and $75 each respectively.  Orders may take up to another month depending on My cycle. 
DUST:  I walk around barefoot at home.  Enough said.  $25.   
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