I am open to suggestions of future photography shoots and welcome collaborations.  Custom photo sets begin at $500 for 5 images and are priced additionally by theme.  Additional costs may result from the purchase of props, multiple models, and anything else the photographer may need to create the art.  The original requester will receive a full printed and signed 4x6, 5x7, or 8x10 set of the photos.

Photo prints are available for purchase - just copy and paste the image links you want out of the set in an email to me, and I will calculate it for you in an invoice.  During Checkout, be sure your mailing address is current before sending payment.  Requests for specific prints to be signed and/or kissed is welcomed. 
Complete photo sets are priced at a discount!

Keep up-to-date with newest photo sets on this page, My Instagram and My Twitter.  The
ARCHIVES below are categorized by year and are in chronological order from January to December.  There are left + right arrows on each slideshow to navigate My artwork.  Click on your desired photo sets to view the full respective pages before purchasing - prices begin at the base rates listed~

♦️  4x6:  $7
♦️   5x7:  $9
♦️  8x10:  $20
♦️  8x12:  $24
♦️  11x14:  $30
♦️  16x20:  $36

♦️  20x30:  $42

♦️  Sets of 4x6:  Priced by quantity

♦️  Custom Casual 4x6 [non-nude]:  $10  [email to request]

♦️  Custom Polaroid:  $25+  [email to request]

| OCT 2019 |   Mommy Time for Fennek Film's Erotikafton 2019 - Malmö [SE]
| AUG 2019 |  Guest Dominatrix for the Season 5 Finale of The Eric Andre Show - Adult Swim [TV]
| JUL 2019 |  Spring Nymphs, Foliage + Feet, Poppy + Puppy, and Cocoon for Chocolate + Art Show:  Artists for Trauma - The Vortex  [LA]
| JUN 2019 |   Foliage + Feet for SEE.ME's "One Self" Exhibition - ChaShaMa Gallery  [NYC]
| JUN 2019 |   Spring Nymphs for LGBQT:  Heritage Exhibition - AC Gallery  [LA]