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New Year Glow  |  NEW YEAR'S 2018
A wintery themed New Year's with a sparkling silvery background, a soft snowy white jacket, and shiny red nails to don your Mistress this season.  Photography by AV; editing + styling by Yours Truly.
Garnet + Guard  |  JAN 2018

Happy 2018!  

This photo series comes in IV parts and is multi-layered in meaning:  Garnet is the January birth stone and the crimson, pink, gold, and green colors are a nice bridge from the holiday season.  Red is also a symbol for good luck and happiness in Chinese culture.  This calendar year is the year of the dog in the Chinese Zodiac, hence My guard pup~  This is a story on how the Mistress lead us form the garden into the building, up the hotel, and into a room where the sensuality can finally occur behind closed doors…

Part I is all outdoors in a nurturing garden and revolves around My pup in a full range of a bodyguard, a guard-dog, and a puppy pet. 

Part II is the first level of the lavish hotel location—we are now indoors getting used to this type of scenery, but it is still the ground floor.

Part III is the second level of the hotel—technically, it is on the highest floor, but who’s counting?  The landscape is on the way to the room where I will initiate My morning rituals.

Part IV is the precursor to playtime:  I enter the room, look to see what is good on the menu, and am happily surprised to see that My breakfast has already been ordered.  I take a brief look at the paper and the travel section catches My eye.  I decide to write a reminder to those who are viewing this narrative and seal it with a kiss.  My pup is now My butler and waits on My every beck and call before submitting to me completely…

ALL the way down for The Special Edition pieces of this series!  Photography by AV + Myself; styling + editing by Yours Truly.
China Blue  |  FEB 2018
Corset + stockings lace combination to mimic porcelain vases from the Ming Dynasty.  I do not believe it is necessary for every Domina to dress in the cliche black and/or red attire to display Her Dominance.  I've chosen to go the opposite direction with blue and white/peach to show the strength behind the Feminine Force in the person rather than "classic" clothing.

If I wanted to go deep into symbolism, this is for those who appreciate personal philosophy:  Luxury is much like a cage.  Porcelain can be comparable to a doll, one who is at the control of outside whims, and only meant to sit and be pretty.  That kind of thinking has no driving force or action behind it as it relinquishes all of its will to be passive.  One gets accustomed to having things catered to them, but a caged bird has glorifying moments.  It can decide when it wants to do things and it has its own freedom within the cage.  The bird invites you into the cage with its beauty, much like the Mistress in the room with only the space for a bed and a way to look out.  She cannot fly away, although She does not desire to; She is able to gather what She wants by letting those things come to her instead.  In the end, who is really the trapped one?

Photography by AV; styling + editing by Yours Truly.