♦️ Is this truly your Fetish?
♦️ How many times have you been locked up?
♦️ Are you able to wear a chastity device for up to at least one month?
♦️ Where are you located?
♦️ Are you able to receive hard mail?
♦️ Will you want to be teased?
Next Steps:
♦️ Purchase said chastity device.  If it comes with keys, toss them.  I will be providing you with my own lock.
♦️ Take a photo of the device beside your cock and email the photo to me, so I may inspect it to make sure it will be a tight fit.
♦️ Once approved, send me your mailing address.  I will be sending you my lock via hard mail.  
♦️ Take a photo of the lock hanging through the chastity device and email it to me so I know it fits. 
♦️ Wait for me to give the final head nod BEFORE you lock the device.  Any jump-starts will result in an entire week of ignoring you.
♦️ Take a photo of your cock trapped in its cage and email it to me.
My ideal duration for Chastity on a monthly basis.  A tribute of $50 is required per week after closing the lock.  Tribute is for me to check-in with you and tease you a few times a week, almost to the point of unbearable pain.  On the final week, if your little masochistic heart would like to extend your cage time, let Me know by written word.  I will most likely approve as long as I continue to receive the $50 weekly tribute.  If I do not receive tribute one week after locking, or if any weeks are skipped, I will toss the keys and you will be ignored. 
I will contact you the week of release, so you can confirm the end date.  Once I receive confirmation, the key will be sent via mail and that will complete the Chastity term.  You always have the option to extend if your Tributes are received on time.  If you know the amount of weeks you would like to participate, and would like to pay in full before W/we begin, you are welcome to do so.  If you can't take my teasing and need your cock to be released before one month is over, you will need to inform Me as soon as possible.  A deposit will be determined to Buy Out early and the Tribute will depend on how long you lasted.  After that Tribute is received, I will then send the key via Overnight Mail to your address and you will gain your freedom.  If you would like to Buy Out after extending past one month, I will determine if a Tribute will be necessary or not depending on your total duration.
*Number Locks as well as Bluetooth Lock Box technology are alternatives to old-fashioned keys.
Keep all of My teasing messages to yourself unless I post something publicly--you are My submissive and anyone else would be getting a free show with attention that was not meant for them.  All contact information is kept confidential on My part, and I would like O/our time together to also be O/ours alone.