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AsianDominance  Interview
New + updated answers.  Illustration Domme Snoo by Javaman 420.  SEP 2019
Q:  When did you first get an interest in BDSM/Femdom?
Domina Mara:  2013.  BDSM always peeked into My life, ever since I was in college via birthday leather cuffs and invites to foot fetish events.  I never pursued the Lifestyle until after I got my first corporate job and experienced how My manager controlled and manipulated those under her to get what she wanted.  I wanted more excitement in My life, an escape from the vanilla ladder-climbing dream job I got myself into, so I looked for BDSM clubs in Los Angeles and found a local dungeon that was hiring.  I knew I had a Dominant personality and that was what I wanted to be, but since I had no personal experience, I had to start from the bottom.  I was a natural.  Three years as a professional player made Me extremely versatile and I loved almost every aspect of it, until I stopped growing because of the House conditions.  As of August 2016, I've been an independent pro-Domme:  I have total control of who My clients are, I make My own schedule, I travel to major cities in the USA for this full-time job, and this Fall, I am looking forward to expand internationally.
Q:  What is your most memorable experience as a Dominatrix?
Domina Mara:  I think it would have to be featured on a TV show as a Season Finale guest this Summer of 2019.  Not sure if I'm allowed to say with whom just yet, but I have other memories that stand out:  Such as being recognized in public at a kink-friendly Adult convention and having a submissive tell Me how much My videos and personality touches him.  I also enjoy playing with true submissives [which have been increasing in quantity to My delight] as they really bring out Power Exchange and surrender to My Guidance.  I also can't forget those days I attended foot parties as a model - the nights went by quickly with initiating newbies to their awakened fetish and entertaining regulars while combining Domination. 
Q:  What is your favorite outfit/type of clothing you like to wear as Dominatrix?
Domina Mara:   Recently, I've been wearing a leather bra + panty set with a matching miniskirt, knee to thigh-high leather boots, and sometimes a hat.  I have lots of beautiful lingerie that I haven't been wearing that I would like to integrate into more of My sensual sessions.  Personally, I love sharp heels that give my muscles a nice natural lift.  For a good year or so, many of My subs requested Me in casual [even gym] wear and some without makeup, which is extremely easy for me.  Although I truly appreciate the fact that My presence and skill set is what they are solely there for, I do think Domination has a particular aesthetic in which I like to honor in My field of work, and less [but elegant] apparel is more seductive while making Me nimbler and more flexible while using implements. Perhaps when I finally visit London and tour Europe, this may be where I show this style off.
Q:  What is your most favorite fetish to explore?
Domina Mara:   I adore inflicting pain as well as teasing:  My combination of the two is quite intense and addicting.  As a past foot model, I relish receiving body massages, nylon worship, foot rubs, and have even converted subs into this type of fetish without even trying.  My favorite implement is the flogger, although I am fond of leather dragon tail whips as well.  OTK spanking, CBT, ballbusting, and trampling are favorite pastimes of mine.  I love the art of Japanese rope - kinbaku and shibari melt submissives into a warm subspace.  There is also a very playful side to me, as I enjoy tickling and scratching, and I know ALL of the sensitive areas.  I like to end my sessions with a little aftercare, and this is when My Mommy nurturing side comes in as a reward for enduring My whims.
Q:  What is your most favorite city in the world to play in?
Domina Mara:   It may be a bit too early to tell as I have many cities on My Bucket List that I have not toured yet.  For example:  London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Dubai, to name a few.  I've been requested in several countries like Australia, Ireland, and India, and I would like to return to countries that I've already traveled to as a Dominatrix [France, Italy, Spain].  Domestically, I enjoy My California submissives.  My Fall Tour will take Me to NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, Portland, and Seattle.  I've created recaps on past cities like Chicago which can be found on My channel.
Q:  Is there one particular person in the world you fantasize about Dominating?
Domina Mara:   I don't really fantasize about people, but I do have types I would love to play with.  If he was still with us, I would have had a ball with Brandon Lee [son of Bruce Lee].  Rest In Peace.  However, if I had to pick someone to co-Dominate with, it would be Angelina Jolie.  Her performance in Mr. and Mrs. Smith is burned into our minds, and what a treat that would be to have Lara Croft and Maleficent / Mistress of Evil right beside Me emanating the sexy feminine along with majestic authority.
Q:  Do you have any advice for aspiring Dominatrices on how to succeed in Domination?
Domina Mara:   Yes, I do.  Before you even make the decision to become a Dominatrix, take classes instructed by those who have a good reputation in the community to learn safety, techniques, consent, and awareness.  Attend conventions and panels to get an education on a variety of fetish interests.  Try applying to a dungeon first:  You will have the safety of the space and legitimate bookings while collecting experience, and you will be able to see if this Lifestyle is really for you.  The financial aspect is nice, but if Kink is indeed something you love, it will last your lifetime regardless of making it a business.  This is not just about the outfit or having social media; this is about Power Exchange and fulfilling fetishes.  Continue educating yourself - no one knows everything no matter how long they have been in the industry and the times will always keep changing.  Check your ego daily and collaborate instead of competing/comparing with fellow Dominants.
Q:  Do you have any advice for nervous subs about approaching their first Dominatrix?
Domina Mara:   Always read up on the Mistress/es of interest.  A real professional will have a website with their ideals, their fetishes, and any information that is pertinent for serving.  If anything is not clear or defined, be proactive and introduce yourself respectfully and succinctly.  I do not like repeating myself, so I find it quite irksome when I have to answer questions that are easily found on My website.  I keep my social media up-to-date, I have means of accepting calls whether they are Q&A or Dominating remotely, and I also own clip stores online to give a taste of the types of play I offer.
Q:  What would you rather have a sub kiss: your feet, or your ass?
Domina Mara:   My feet, beginning with the outside of My boots.  Any other part of Me has to be earned.

Q:  What is one fun fact you'd like to share about yourself (a hobby, a quirk, or something interesting)?

Domina Mara:   I have an answer for each:  I wanted to be a singer when I was child, and I still dream of getting at least one song or collaboration out into the world.  Currently, I dance and am slowly getting into flow arts.  Nature gives Me life and I used to be an avid rock climber.

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