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Particular requirements of good taste and propriety...

♦️  References:  All new clients are required to provide full first and last name, official website / social media links, legitimate email, and an un-blocked phone number if names / emails of Performers from previous sessions cannot be referenced.  Per social media accounts, please add all relevant usernames to your introduction.  All information remains completely confidential.

♦️  Hygiene:  Please be showered and clean beforehand.  I am a non-smoker and do not wish to have the scent of smoke on you or have it linger on My body.  If O/our session is during a work day, freshen up before coming to see Me.  Do not wear cologne as I have a sensitive nose and it will affect My performance.

♦️ Payment:  25 - 50% Cash, CashApp, or Amazon Deposits are required for sessions under 4 hours and will be applied to your total.  Any session 4+ hours or any travel bookings will require a 50% minimum deposit of the total.

♦️ Tardiness:  I understand traffic and accidents happen, however time is something that cannot be given back.  I will give a 10-15 minute window before I start subtracting time from your session.  Additional payment is due upfront to fulfill the original duration should you wish to keep your appointment day.

♦️ Rescheduling:  Another date must be set within 3 months from the original session or you forfeit the deposit.  After 2 reschedules, the 3rd will result as a Cancellation.  you will also not be considered worthy of future play.

♦️ Cancellation:  All cancellations surrender any deposits [including no-shows].  Be courteous and let me know as soon as you cannot make O/our engagement within 24 hours of the appointment.  A no-show without prior notice results in an automatic cancellation.  I reserve the right to refuse or cancel any sessions without a refund of deposit if I feel I am being treated unfairly or disrespected.

You are here to have a wonderful and unique experience--as am I.  Do keep in mind you are booking a reservation to serve ME.  I strive to maintain smooth transactions so that W/we may begin our intimacy as soon as possible. 

Select your Desires...

♦️  Sessions:  Rates for Performances and Play vary dependent on scene agreement and scaling donations are available upon request.  Additional fees incurred for rental of specific play spaces [other than My choice] and for travel time / transport.  I welcome all genders, races, and legal ages of all orientations!  Company in both indoor and/or outdoor settings are separate and dependent on activities.

♦️  Meet and Greets:  Recommended for all new players.  After the approval of your consideration, I will offer to schedule to meet with you in-person in a public setting to initiate O/our chemistry.  An hour is the minimum requirement for a Meet and Greet:  Q+A, Wining + Dining, consultations, etc.  Prior to O/our meeting, a deposit locks in your time with me on the date discussed and may be extended if I have no prior engagements.  It is important for you to feel safe and welcomed before we become familiar with each other before closed doors. 

♦️  Fly Me To You:  First / Business Class Airfare + Accommodations + 2 Hour Minimum Required.  Refer to My TRAVEL page and to the Payment section above for deposit methods and requirements.  Private parties are a priority.  Public performances need to be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance.

Once the appropriate donations have been established for O/our time together, the amount will be firm.    Donations should be placed within a plain envelope or an elegant card and personally presented to Me at the beginning of all sessions.  Payment may be given after Performances in person or digitally.


*Terms and conditions are subject to change over the course of time.

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