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Cabin  Fever  | MAY  2021 
The last vacation I went on for Myself was Honolulu, Hawaii in February 2020.  I have traveled to and from My hometown of San Francisco a couple times since then.  To getaway for the weekend before touring the Bay Area once again, I took a trip where I was able to fully enjoy nature.  I used a small tripod to capture the moments as I rested in the lakeside resort.  Photos by by Yours Truly featuring AV.
Avila Villa  | AUG  2021 

For Leo Season, I celebrate My Birthday all August long.  This year, I went to a Spanish inspired villa for accommodations while I visited a beach town as a getaway.  The narrative begins from a whip-wielding Mistress of the House and her lowly servant, following Her to Her room to retire for a revitalizing Ritual.  Be sure to check out My RITUAL short film to go along with this series.  Photos by AV and Yours Truly; Editing and Concept by Yours Truly.
If Wednesday Had A Dungeon  | OCT  2021 

The title says it all.  Check out My TikTok for Wednesday's make up transformation and My video clip on YouTube.  Photos by AV and Yours Truly; Editing and Concept by Yours Truly.  Pink Dungeon in DTLA.
Roulette with Romeo  | NOV  2021 

Imagine a weekend getaway in a small town by the Mediterranean.  My Italian Romeo escorts Me to an estate with sunny lounge areas and high ceiling accommodations.  We play a knife game with his fingers -- if he flinches while I miss, he takes an article of clothing off and awaits punishment...  Self-Portraits by Yours Truly with AV.