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Cabin  Fever  | MAY  2021 
The last vacation I went on for Myself was Honolulu, Hawaii in February 2020.  I have traveled to and from My hometown of San Francisco a couple times since then.  To getaway for the weekend before touring the Bay Area once again, I took a trip where I was able to fully enjoy nature.  I used a small tripod to capture the moments as I rested in the lakeside resort.  Photos by by Yours Truly featuring AV.
Avila Villa  | AUG  2021 

For Leo Season, I celebrate My Birthday all August long.  This year, I went to a Spanish inspired villa for accommodations while I visited a beach town as a getaway.  The narrative begins from a whip-wielding Mistress of the House and her lowly servant, following Her to Her room to retire for a revitalizing Ritual.  Be sure to check out My RITUAL short film to go along with this series.  Photos by AV and Yours Truly; Editing and Concept by Yours Truly.
If Wednesday Had A Dungeon  | OCT  2021 

The title says it all.  Check out My TikTok for Wednesday's make up transformation and My video clip on YouTube.  Photos by AV and Yours Truly; Editing and Concept by Yours Truly.  Pink Dungeon in DTLA.
Roulette with Romeo  | NOV  2021 

Imagine a weekend getaway in a small town by the Mediterranean.  My Italian Romeo escorts Me to an estate with sunny lounge areas and high ceiling accommodations.  We play a knife game with his fingers -- if he flinches while I miss, he takes an article of clothing off and awaits punishment...  Self-Portraits by Yours Truly with AV. 
Mara Claus  | DEC  2021 

If Santa had a daughter who caused mayhem with Her authority, that would be Me~  Brought a nice red paddle around with Me to punish any bad bitches this year and make their bottoms match in rosy color!  Shot on the streets of Downtown Los Angeles as well as indoors renegade style with Albert Lien.  Edits + styling by Yours Truly.