Beau Belt  |  MAR 2017
First White Day photo-shoot. Photography by AV; styling + editing by Yours Truly.
NYE Gold  |  NEY YEAR'S 2017
First New Year's Eve photo-shoot.  Photography by AV; styling + editing by Yours Truly.
AGENT X  |  JAN 2017
Film Noir Femme Fatale Mafia photo-shoot.  Photography by AV; styling + editing by Yours Truly.
Valentine Warmth  |  FEB 2017
First Valentine photo-shoot. Photography by AV; styling + editing by Yours Truly.
Easter Bunny  |  APR 2017
First Easter photo-shoot. Photography by AV; styling + editing by Yours Truly.
May Flowers  |  MAY 2017
First outdoor photo-shoot. Photography by AV and Myself; styling + editing by Yours Truly.

May Flowers is a turning point for My photography:  This series was truly spontaneous as I brought My basic fetish gear for fun, a dress that I just received in the mail as a Tribute, a surprise landscape with curious boys who I've never met previously, and those same boys who had never experienced BDSM or elements of a Female Dominant before.  I am using the landscape as the definitive background for this month's theme to the fullest as it is a beautiful showcase of nature, even with the unplanned tire circles carved into the dirt.

There are three parts to May Flowers
Part I represents myself alone at My most freeing moments [minus the two images with a boy who has disappeared with the winds from My network without a word]; Part II showcases a boy who was curious, but did not want to submit to a Female initially, then caved because of the whimsical energy that was happening that morning; Part III is thru My eyes watching another boy come to terms with his head in My leather hood as he revealed a new part to himself.
Star-Spangled Bikini  |  4TH OF JULY 2017
First Independence Day photo-shoot.  Photography by AV; styling + editing by Yours Truly.

This is the first year I've ever worn anything that resembled the USA flag.  No BDSM-related tools are featured in this set because I wanted it to be more of a casual statement that still empowered me as a woman in this day and age in this country.  

With the Wonder Woman  film recently released, I thought it would be a great opportunity to express the strength of My own Inner Goddess:  It's a tease, as well as me shedding anew -- a denim skin of hard work that has gone to creating myself as a person, as a creative, and as a fetish entity.  The bikini factor celebrates the summer season and alludes to the traditions of backyard barbecues with close ones while enjoying the sun before the fireworks.
Snake in the Grass  |  JUL 2017
First summer photo-shoot. Photography by AV; styling + editing by Yours Truly.  Custom Whip by Agreeable Agony.

As My desire to pursue more artistic avenues through My photography deepen, I chose to do a seasonal photo set with new items gifted to Me earlier in the year.  I want to deviate from the traditional dressed-in-all-black Domina, since I believe that Domination can happen at any time in any place as long as there are at least two willing parties.

This photo set expresses a well-manicured jungle setting with a Dominant focus on a fierce Female dressed in a matching tropical outfit, wielding a verdant metallic whip that is anything, but hard to spot.  The lush green gardens portray an Eden where this Goddess rules as both Eve and Snake:  She seduces through the blades of grass as well as lays low to the ground, ready for you to slither to Her.
Summer Tea  |  AUG 2017
First tea time photo-shoot.  Photography by AV + Myself; styling + editing by Yours Truly.
Furniture Pieces  |  LEO BIRTHDAY 2017
First furniture photo-shoot.  Self-portraits by Yours Truly.

I am sometimes swept away to a hotel to play, and when I have some down time, I still work!  I enjoy taking photos of My body enjoying My surroundings in seductive poses to entice you to experience this for yourself in person.  The inspiration for this shoot was an obvious choice of the decor in the room I was staying, with the lack of human furniture to order around at My whims.  It is also in the color scheme of the Fall season, just in time for October with the golden orange, browns, and blacks, subtly hinting towards the end of the month.

I had the most fun with the lamp, feeling the cool marble between My inner thighs and under My bare feet while I wished it was the back of a submissive.  Headboards with tall posts are fun to swing around and position My body in various degrees.  My absolute favorite, however, was the window with glass top table and sheer curtains.  My solar sign resonates with the fiery Sun, and I absorb new energy from it no matter where I am on this Earth.  That masculine energy is harnessed by My femininity and is represented in the most sensual ways possible, then shared intimately with YOU as My special audience.
Natural Recreation  |  SEPT 2017
Autumn-themed photo-shoot in the outdoors of a lodge, focusing on body worship thru the means of a nude shade of bikini.  Self-portraits by Yours Truly.
Fall Outdoors  |  AUTUMN SOLSTICE 2017
Autumn-themed photo-shoot in a wooden outdoors shower, using water to wet my body, accenting curves and muscles while donning a nude bikini as well as black lace lingerie.  Self-portraits by Yours Truly.
Foliage and Feet  |  WINTER SOLSTICE 2017
Autumn-themed photo-shoot from my lodge, into the woods.  This is the third part of this season and transitions nicely into the next holiday~  Self-portraits by Yours Truly.
Navidad Nymph  |  DEC 2017
Holiday-themed body worship photos donned by a poinsettia wreath and red Christmas tree beads.  Self-portraits by Yours Truly.

Poinsettias are a Mexican plant that are symbolic for Christmas time and the holiday season, hence the choice for the Spanish word "Navidad."  A nymph is classified as a fair maiden who is a mythological spirit of nature, inhabiting the woods, rivers, etc.  Nipples are a natural part of mammal anatomy, yet, we are to censor the female torso for social media because it's categorized as sexually inappropriate.  Hence, glitter breasts, my own choice of censors that glorify a beautiful aspect of the feminine body.