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Intimacy begins here...
Although the basics are a necessary initiation to our play, creative combinations pique My interest... 
Click the underlined categories to preview examples....

❤️  Bondage:  Cuffs, rope, special requests [tape, plastic wrap, bandages, etc.].
❤️  Impact:  Bare-handed OTK spanking, paddling, flogging, caning, whipping, the works.
❤️  Tease:  ...and denial as well as light sensual touching in erogenous zones.
❤️  Role-play:  Mistress/slave, Mommy, teacher/student [interchangeable], military/interrogation.
❤️  Disciplinary:  Pet, domestic, service, slave, corporal training, and even feminine etiquette.
❤️  Body Worship:  Receiving foot and leg worship, muscular massage, hair brushing, etc.
❤️  Sensory:  Over-stimulation or deprivation of any of the 5 senses [wax, electricity, ice, scratching, scents].
❤️  Tickle Torture:  I know all of the sensitive spots...
❤️  Nipple Torture:  Clover clips, padded clips, clothespins, fingers, and nails.
❤️  CBT:  Chastity, ball-busting, weight training, rope restraints.
❤️  Trampling:  Bare feet, stockings, boots, and/or heels.
❤️  Sissification:  Application of makeup to completely dressing up from head to toe.
❤️  Breath Play:   Hand on throat, choke-hold, between My thighs, face smothering, etc.
❤️  Medical Play:  Nurse or Doctor?  The only limitation can be found below.
❤️  Fire Play/Cupping:  Therapeutic heating sensations as well as erotic flame play are new to My list! 
❤️  Hypnosis:  Mind games + control over deep fantasies less difficult to act out fully subconsciously tapped.
❤️  Humiliation:  Physical + verbal privately; verbally + limited physical publicly [I love leading by a leash].
❤️  JOI:  I love instructing people on how to pleasure themselves...but only after satisfying me first. 
❤️  Women/Couples:  OH, YES!  I am a true pansexual + adore turning on as many individuals as possible.

❤️ Co-Domination:  If a multiple Domme session interests you, do send Us both an email with an Introduction, your limits, and We will take it from there.
❤️  Distance Domination:  All remote scenes will still be required to go thru the RSVP process.  A phone interview will follow if I believe you have potential.  Every instruction will challenge you to obey.  Rates apply differently and will be discussed after the interview process.  Chastity is also available over long  distances--inquire via your Introduction.
❤️  Financial Domination:  In addition to My appreciation of gifts, I also partake in fine dining, traveling, spa treatments, professional massage, and designer shopping to name a few.  Article Here.
❤️  Overnights:  Only after O/our relations have progressed to a certain point, will I consider this option.

Hard Limits


♦️  NO SEX:  I do not receive penetration or oral sex of any kind; no illegal or unsafe activity; no exceptions.
♦️  No Nudity:  I am always coyly covered in some form and manner - especially while being worshipped.
♦️  No Switch/Subbing:  I am always in command.  This means DO NOT top from the bottom or waste My time with written scripts.  Energy is organic--let U/us be free-flowing.
♦️  No Heavy blood play:  Cutting, syringe extraction, or blood cupping.
♦️  No Roman/Brown Showers:  Unhygienic for play.  View POSSESSIONS section for Brown Pre-Orders.
♦️  Smoking:  I am generally a non-smoker.  Vaping and being gifted quality cigars is acceptable with prior notice.  Please respect this and adhere to My DECORUM page.

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